Innovation Park of Tallahassee

Innovation grows under Spanish moss-draped live oak trees on the rolling hills in southwest Tallahassee

Spanning across 208 acres of land, the Park includes 17 buildings and plenty of room to grow. All buildings in the Park are owned by either the Leon County Research and Development Authority, Florida State University, Florida A&M University or private entities.

Innovation Park of Tallahassee is home to several industry leaders and more than 13 Centers of Excellence.

The land the Park occupies is leased from the state of Florida through 2074.


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Central location in the region

Tallahassee is in the panhandle region, located in northwest Florida. The research park is located in southwest Leon County, within the Tallahassee city limits. The research park is also in close proximity to all local major Universities, major roadways, the Tallahassee International Airport, as well as the Florida Capitol building located in downtown Tallahassee. The research park sits just 25 miles from the Gulf Coast and 20 miles from the Georgia border.

Approximate driving time to surrounding cities:

2 hours to Panama City, FL; 2.5 hours to Jacksonville, FL or Destin, FL; 4 hours to Orlando, FL, Tampa, FL, Atlanta, GA or Mobile, AL; 6 hours to New Orleans, LA; 7 hours to Miami, FL.


Local driving times include:

1 minute to FAMU-FSU College of Engineering or Seminole Golf Course; 5 minutes to Tallahassee International Airport, Tallahassee Community College, Florida State University or Florida A&M University; 10 minutes to downtown Tallahassee; 15 minutes to I-10.