The Best of Tallahassee Food Trucks at Innovation Park

Located in front of the Shaw Building: 2031 E. Paul Dirac Drive

(Corner of East Paul Dirac Drive and Pottsdamer Street).

Come on out and enjoy a delicious, affordable lunch, the fresh air, camaraderie, and service with a smile…all while supporting local entrepreneurs!

Lunch Food Truck Schedule


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Tropical Eats

Offering delicious Jamaican cuisine and specializing in shrimp eggrolls. Jerk chicken, tacos, curried chick peas and rice, plus jerk chicken and veggie egg rolls.


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El Criollo Grill is no longer serving in Tallahassee.


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The Food Truck Schedule is tentative and is always subject to change.  

Additional Options Near the Park

Seminole Golf Course on Pottsdamer

The Renegade Grill at the Seminole Legacy Golf Club

Open to the public daily from 7:30am to 6:00pm

Offering a wide variety of burgers, wraps, sandwiches, salads and more

Breakfast menu

Lunch/dinner menu

To go menu

FAMU-FSU College of Engineering Cafe

The FAMU-FSU College of Engineering Cafe

Located on the first floor in the College of Engineering

Offering grab and go sandwiches, salads, and parfaits. The Cafe also has a grill if you have more time to wait.

The Food Truck Schedule is tentative and is always subject to change. 

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