Innovation Park of Tallahassee June 2019 Newsletter

Check out all the great news and events taking place in Innovation Park in the June 2019 Newsletter!

MagLab Creates World-Record Magnetic Field with Small Compact Coil

TNational MagLab's Mini magnet that produced a 45.5 tesla magnetic fieldhe MagLab recently announced they beat a record for “world’s strongest mangetic field” when their mini-magnet generated a 45.5 tesla magnetic field.

The new magnet is half the size of a cardboard toilet tissue roll, and opens a new door of high-field applications due to its compact nature.

Make Sure You Check Out the Lucky Goat Brew Bus Every Other Wednesday!

Don’t forget! Lucky Goat is in the Park every other Wednesday serving up Cold Brew and Regular Hot Coffee. They are here this Wednesday, so be sure to stop over between 9 and 11am in front of the Morgan building for your mid morning pick me up.

Lucky Goat will be here on July 3rd, but after that will take a break and return on August 14th.

Check the calendar to see the next Wednesday they’ll be here. View Calendar here.

Lucky Goat Bus in Innovation Park

MagLab Scientists Discover Thermoelectric Properties in Promising Class of Materials

Scientists at the MagLab discovered that a class of materials called “1-2-20s” have very promising thermoelectric properties, which will lead to further research. Most materials have very little thermoelectric effect, so this discovery can lead to many potential applications that can use this alternative energy source, such as compressor-free refrigeration and recouping all the energy wasted by car engines that escapes through heat.

FAMU College of Pharmacy Prints First 3D Cornea in the US Using Human Cells

Researchers at FAMU’s College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences have created corneas using a high performance 3D printer. This is the first time in the United States that this has been done. The project was funded by NSF, with a goal to research 3D printing and additive processing that could lead to breakthroughs in helping patients with eye problems and reduce the need to conduct testing on animals.

3D Cornea at FAMU

Construction Continues in Innovation Park

There is a lot of construction currently going on in the Park. In addition to Danfoss Turbocor and the FSU Center for Advanced Power Systems expansions, Innovation Park is currently in the process of renovating part of the Collins Building. This renovation is slated to be complete by September of 2019. The Leon County Research and Development Authority, the entity that manages Innovation Park will relocate their offices to the Collins Building from the Knight Administrative Centre when it’s finished.

Current Projects in Innovation Park

How does the MagLab Prepare for a Hurricane?

Now that we are in June, we are officially in hurricane season, and everyone should have an emergency plan in place. Check out how Innovation Park’s own National High Magnetic Field Laboratory prepares for these emergency situations

hurricane michael- how the MagLab prepares for a hurricane

Support Junior Achievement of the Big Bend's Raffle 100

From now until June 27th, support the Junior Achievement of the Big Bend! JA is selling 200 tickets for their Raffle 100. A single ticket could win you a trip for two to a place of your choosing.The drawing will take place on June 27th and the winner will be notified.

Proceeds of the raffle will go to helping the youth of our community learn business, economics and finance.

JA Raffle