Raising Awareness, Promoting Collaboration and Sparking Conversations


At Innovation Park, we believe that new innovative ideas come from collaborating with others.  Three times a year, we host our TechTopics event, which brings together members of our community to learn about Innovation Park, its residents, and the research being conducted in the Park, as well as the Big Bend Region.  We believe that showcasing and sparking conversations about these subjects can foster new ideas, while also making the community aware of the world-class research, facilities, technology, resources, commercialization and entrepreneurship taking place in the park.

All of our TechTopics events take place at one of our facilities in Innovation Park.  The event begins at 11:30am. Over the past few events, our audience has grown, so we suggest getting there right at 11:30am to get a good seat.

Our TechTopics events are FREE and open to the public. Registration for the event is required to attend and is open one month prior to the event.

Lunch is provided complimentary to all of our attendees.

Upcoming TechTopics

Our next TechTopics will take place on August 29th!

Join us on Wednesday, August 29th to explore how some researchers are helping to answer questions about Earth’s history and its inhabitants.  During this event, we will discuss how different elements can help us understand what Earth was like at different time periods, and even predict patterns and climatic changes in the future.  We’ll discuss the evolution of the ocean, and also about Native American traditions that span more than 3 millennia.

Speakers include:

  • Dr. Jeremy Owens will provide an overview of how we look at different pieces of our environment like rocks, trees, ice, sediments and more to decipher sequences of events in ancient climate changes and how it’s evolved.  Piecing these things together can even help predict the chemistry and geology of our oceans, and earth’s future going forward.
  • Dr. Amy McKenna will discuss her recent discoveries on the 1.1 billion-year-old porphyrins, and the discovery of the oldest pigment being pink.  Additionally, she will explain her discovery that answers why there weren’t animals in the ocean 1.1 billion years ago.
  • Fast forward, and Dr. Tanya Peres will present her work on ancient tattoo tools that were uncovered in middle Tennessee.  Tattoos are growing in popularity in our modern times, but the practice has been around for thousands of years. Dr. Peres will talk about her discovery of the oldest tattoo kits ever found in the world and how it demonstrates the persistence of Native American tattooing tradition that spans more than three millennia.

We look forward to seeing you at this exciting event!

Lunch will be provided at no cost to all attendees at this event

*Seating is limited.  Please be sure to sign up early to reserve your spot!

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Past TechTopics Themes

We like to center our topics on hot topics that are of interest to our audience and include speakers from Innovation Park.  Previous Topics have included:

  • March 2018– HPMI, Buckypaper and it’s future applications
  • November 2017– Innovation companies in our community
  • August 2017– Florida oysters and their roles in our local ecosystems
  • March 2017– Artificial intelligence and where the technology is heading in the future
  • November 2016– Commercializing research being conducted in the higher education institutions
  • September 2016– How research at the MagLab is helping to change oil spill cleanup and determining oil footprints
  • March 2016–  The general program of COAPS and the commercialization update of HWind Scientific, the real time tropical cyclone analysis system
  • November 2015– Introductions to the Florida Center for Advanced Aeropropulsion, a tour of the facility and how their work impacts Tallahassee’s Economic Development.