Available Property

The Leon County Research and Development Authority currently has more than 7 acres of developable land available for lease within Innovation Park

There is an additional 12-acre property available nearby on Eisenhower Street.  The property is zoned for light industrial.

Land Lots Currently Available from LCRDA

Lot 1F/7E– Currently available

9.8 acres

Lot 6E– Currently available

2.0 acres

Lot 5E– Currently available

1.8 acres

Lot 4E– Currently available

3.5 acres

Outparcel– Part of it is currently available.  Check with Executive Director of LCRDA for more details.

11.9 acres

Morgan Building in Innovation Park

Available Office Space

Innovation Park’s leasable space is currently 100% occupied.  Please check back in the future to learn when space becomes available.

For more information, or to schedule a visit, please contact:

Leon County Research and Development Authority Executive Director, Ron Miller
850-575-0343 ext. 1

Development and leasing activities are subject to the Innovation Park Covenants and Restrictions, PUD, and Development Agreement. Click the boxes below to learn more.