Join us for the first ever Innovation Hunt!

Do you like spending time outside in a gorgeous natural setting with a pond? Getting a little bit of exercise while also having fun with friends? What about competing for some really cool prizes? Then Come Out and Join the Innovation Hunt Challenge!

This event is a scavenger hunt consisting of up to 50 teams of 1-4 people.  The hunt will send you on an exciting quest to solve the riddles, with all the answers being within Innovation Park of Tallahassee.

This competition will test your mind and require you to find answers online, be creative and be observant in the Park.  These fun and challenging riddles are specifically tailored to what we have in the only research park in north Florida.

The Innovation Hunt is a great opportunity to come out to the Park with friends, family or even create a business team(s). You can even come out and compete by yourself if you’d like to!

Teams must answer the riddles via Instagram (stories or posts). Solve a minimum 12 riddles to enter to win over $500 worth of prizes…. including the grand prize (2) Oculus Go VR headsets!


Check out the Eventbrite page for more information and to register for the event

How does it work?

  • Register on the Eventbrite page (1 person per team needs to register)
  • Each team must have an Instagram account that can be accessed by Innovation Park
  • Teams will be given riddles to answer (all answers can be found in the research park)
  • Teams will solve the riddles and post the answers on Instagram
  • In order for your posted answer to count, it must:
    1. Be the correct answer
    2. Include at least 1 of your teammates in the photo
    3. Tag @Innovationparktlh
    4. Use hashtag #InnovationHuntTLH2018
  • Once your team solves at least 12 riddles correctly, head back to the registration tent. There a member of the team will review your posts, and give you a raffle ticket, which will go into the pool for a chance to win the grand prize and other prizes!

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