Tallahassee’s First Entrepreneurial Program


Established in 2011, Innovation Park’s Entrepreneurial Excellence Program provides valuable advice to early-stage startup businesses and entrepreneurs as they navigate through the vulnerable stages of business development.


In this highly interactive, mentor-driven program, a team of local business experts, researchers, and specialists help increase the chance of success in the market by providing insight into:

  • Effective Business Models
  • Team Development
  • Legal Foundations
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Funding Insight
  • Entrepreneurial Experiences

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Details and Application

  • COURSE FEE:  $300 per team of two. Includes dinner each class, course materials and access to the Entrepreneur’s Club @ Innovation Park. Teams get $100 off if they sign up and pay 30 days prior to first day of class.
  • PAYMENT DUE: First day of class
  • SIZE LIMITS:  Enrollment for each course is limited to the first 12 companies that qualify
  • LOCATION & TIME:  Knight Administrative Building, 1736 W. Paul Dirac Dr., Tallahassee, FL 32310  | 5:30-9:00 p.m.
  • FACILITATOR: Michael Tentnowski, LCRDA- Director of Entrepreneurship mtentnowski@inn-park.com
  • APPLICATION:  Apply online here for the Entrepreneurial Excellence Program

* We strongly recommend that two individuals in the management of the company participate together in the course.

Non-profits and certain organizations are eligible for scholarships to cover program fees.  Inquiry if you are eligible by e-mailing: LCRDA@inn-park.com


“For four weeks I was surrounded by people who sincerely wanted me to succeed, who helped prepare me to do that, and who will continue making themselves available to me. I received the resources I needed when I needed them.” – Judd Butler, PortStar

“The course provided a new framework for how I view my business. It’s exciting to have a good idea, and the course provided encouragement while at the same time providing realistic ways to gauge whether my business plan was moving in the right direction.” – Greg Frost, Gulf Coast Tung Oil

“From beginning to end I gained valuable information that will certainly improve how I proceed with my Swellcoin concept. It is especially touching that people as accomplished as the teachers, who are surely very busy in your own right, made the time to share their valuable insight. By coming into the class without an extensive background in business, the ability to gain so much information in a short amount of time was transforming.” — Barbara Wescott, Swellcoin

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Each class is held from 5:30-9:00 p.m. typically on Tuesdays and Thursdays.   

*Schedule is subject to change.

Class 15 (Fall 2018) Schedule

Class 1 – Oct. 2nd

Introductions & The Business Equation (the only math you need to know)

Developing Successful Business Ideas – Doug Tatum, FSU Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship

Is your business concept an idea or truly an opportunity? Learn how to tell the difference. Learn how to analyze the opportunity to develop an effective business model.

Class 2 – Oct. 4th

Legal & Intellectual Property – Bill Hollimon, Esq., Hollimon P.A

Many decisions are involved in establishing a new venture. Learn what the legal/intellectual properties options are and how they can affect your business growth.

Class 3 – Oct. 9th

Marketing Strategies – Sean Doughtie, President, Taproot Agency

Effective Sales – Pat Pallentino, FSU Sales Institute

No matter how beneficial your product or service is, if you don’t know who your customers are and communicate your message in an effective way to get their attention, you won’t have sales.

Class 4 – Oct. 11th

Building a Strong Business Team – David Faulkenberry, President, FBMC

The product or service you will offer is important. Even more important is the team you build, including managers, employees, board members, investors, and service providers. Learn how to build the best team possible to drive the success of your new venture.

Class 5 – Oct. 16th

Entrepreneurial Insight – Kim B. Williams, President, Marpan, and Mayda Williams, Former President, Target Print & Mail

Two experienced entrepreneurs will share their insight “from the trenches.” What have they learned? What would they do differently? What is their advice to you?

Class 6 – Oct. 18th

Funding and Finance – Sammie Dixon, Prime Meridian Bank

You’ve analyzed the opportunity and have begun to build a team to drive success. You’ve written a great business plan. How do you secure the financial resources to make it happen?

Class 7 – Oct. 23rd

Delivering your Message – Michael H. Sheridan, Chairman, FBMC

No matter how great an idea you have for your new business, you need to be able to tell your story to others in a positive, logical, and understandable way. During this course, you will learn the essential skills and methods you will need to make great presentations about your business to possible investors, customers, and prospects.

Class 8 – Oct. 25th

The EEP “Shark Tank” Experience – Michael Kramer, President, Desloge Oxygen

You have seen the hit show on TV, now you will get to experience it LIVE! Michael Kramer, a local serial entrepreneur will be asking very tough questions about your new business venture.

Class 9 & 10 – Oct. 30th & 31st

Final Presentations

You will have the opportunity to make a presentation to a group of experienced entrepreneurs and get feedback about your business, market and financial opportunities.  Extra credit for dressing up for Halloween!