RFQ Overview:

LCRDA intends to, following the completion of the design criteria package, solicit design-build proposals for the renovation of the  Collins Building (the “Project”) in accordance with §287.055(9), Florida Statutes. The objective of this RFQ is to identify and seek a competitive proposal from a qualified Design Criteria Professional to provide the following services:

  1. Create the design criteria package, and;
  2. Provide assistance with evaluation of the proposals submitted by the design-build firms for the Project
  3. Provide consultation regarding the supervision or approval by LCRDA of the detailed working drawings of the Project, and;
  4. Evaluation of the compliance of the Project construction with the design criteria package.

The Offeror who is awarded a contract to prepare the design criteria package is not eligible to render services under a design-build contract executed pursuant to the design criteria package. 


RFQ 18-04 Q&A Amendment (Last Updated: 08/17/18, 10:00am)

Collins Building Drawings (PDF)

RFQ 18-04 Design Criteria Professional-Collins Building Renovation

RFQ 18-04 Registration Form (Download form to your computer before filling in form or changes may be lost!)

RFQ 18-04 Public Notice

Schedule (All dates/times subject to change):

Issue/Advertise RFP Tue 8/7/2018
2nd Advertisement Thur 8/9/2018
Project information meeting, 2pm Wed 8/15/2018
Questions due, 2pm Wed 8/22/2018
SOQ’s Due, 2pm Wed 8/29/2018
Evaluation Committee Meeting-Short Listing (if necessary), 3pm * Wed 9/5/2018
Evaluation Committee Meeting-Presentations, 3pm * Wed 9/12/2018
Executive Committee Recommendation Approval, 3pm * Mon 9/19/2018
Board Ratification of Selection* Thur 10/4/2018
Contract Executed  Thur 10/4/2018

*Subject to change.