E-Club @ Innovation Park

Our mission is to support to entrepreneurial community in Tallahassee and provide a place for entrepreneurs to engage, connect and collaborate with our local entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneur's Club at Innovation Park

Tallahassee is home to a vibrant entrepreneurial environment, and what better way to celebrate this community than to create an entrepreneur’s club for members to engage, collaborate and network with other entrepreneurs.  The Entrepreneur’s Club @ Innovation Park is a newly formed club under Innovation Park of Tallahassee, which helps foster the spirit of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial way of thinking.

As entrepreneurs, each day provides an opportunity to learn something new, and this club allows them to share their knowledge and learn from others. The Club meets on a semi-annual basis and focuses on helping members work better in business. 

At our meetings, each company provides an update and discusses what challenges they are facing. The Club engages in dialogue of possible solutions or paths to take.  Additionally, the meetings include seminars put on by local business professionals to help understand subjects not included in the EEP class but essential to understand in business, including subjects like taxes or making effective cold calls. Many of the local business professionals who volunteer their time to teach the EEP program also attend and offer additional insight and advice and enjoy reconnecting with these business as they continue to grow.

The Club currently has over 130 members and is only open exclusively to Entrepreneurial Excellence Program Alums and winners of the past Innovation Park TechGrant Pitch Night Competition. There is no fee.

The EEP Program is put twice a year, and includes 10 classes on subjects that are vital to running a business especially in Tallahassee.  Learn more about the program.

The Innovation Park TechGrant Pitch Night is part of the TechGrant Program, an annual competition that provides up to $15,000 in grants to help early stage companies move forward with the commercialization of their technology.  The Pitch Night competition gives the five finalists of the program the opportunity to present their idea to a panel of judges and an audience in order to win the grant.  Learn more about the competition.